Two companies came together.

New Electric Automotive designs and manufactured electric and hybrid drivetrains into road going vehicles and focusses specifically on applications in work vehicles/heavy equipment.

New Electric Automotive was founded by New Electric and Garage 71.
It all started in 2019 with the collaboration between Mischa Bauman and Anne Kloppenborg. Together they have many years of experience in the development, converting cars and boats to electrical and custom projects.

When they combine each other’s knowledge and experience, no project is too crazy. New Electric Automotive takes on unique, large and small projects and comes up with solutions that show what the technology of the future will look like

About us

Mischa Bauman and Anne Kloppenborg have been interested in technology for a long time.

Mischa Bauman started his own business in 1996 to work on projects and cars that he found most interesting. It started with the Classic Mini, Raw Striker and all kinds of complicated requests, after which he also picked up kit cars and replicas. After that he started working more on American cars, engine tunning and racing support. Making the impossible possible has been his thing, right from the very beginning. 

This also applies to Anne Kloppenborg. He was interested in electric drives and their environmental benefits from an early age. He registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce in 2008. Many people were already involved in making cars electric at that time. He chose to change tack and started electrifying a speedboat. A few years later, he started his own company. After that first speedboat, more and more boats followed and in the meantime he started electrifying cars as well as boats.

The two men got to know each other at the Hiswa in 2012. They got along well and Mischa Bauman went to help Anne Kloppenborg to realize all kinds of challenging technical realizations and designs. Their first project together was a Jeep CJ5. After working together more often on all kinds of vehicles, they discovered that they complement each other’s competences perfectly. From there, the collaboration has become increasingly stronger, and in 2019 the men decided to start New Electric Automotive