Custom made drivetrains New Electric provides scalable drivetrain solutions that we customize to your project needs. We provide installation support based on years of experience in converting a wide range applications and we can assist with obtaining certifications. Single motor maximum horsepower 200 HP Single motor maximum torque 500 NmRead More →

Two companies came together. New Electric Automotive builds electric and hybrid drivetrains in to road going vehicles and heavy equipment. Where New Electric develops all of our drivetrains, New Electric Automotive focusses specifically on applications in vehicles. Together we have been developing high power electric and hybrid drivetrains for vehiclesRead More →

The new construction has started. Where we are now is a beautiful but temporary location. A new building is being built on the plot next to us, entirely according to our wishes. Get a separate room for our roller bench. This space is being built as a climate cell. WeRead More →