Electric pleasure craft
Imagine you have a beautiful boat, in good condition and completely to your liking. However, you realize that the gasoline or diesel engine is not that durable and also makes relatively a lot of noise.

Then conversion to fully electric drive is the perfect opportunity for even more sailing pleasure.

New Electric Automotive will convert your boat while retaining the original appearance. No longer exhaust fumes in the water or oil and fuel vapors in the hold.

Fast, far, you say it

We are happy to look at the possibilities for converting your sloop, yacht, speedboat, tour boat or sailing boat. How long do you want to be able to sail? How much space does the boat have for battery placement? How fast do you want to be able to sail?
Even water skiing behind an electric boat is possible. The video below is from 2014 and the technology has developed rapidly since then, so more is possible at a lower cost.

You can contact New Electric Marine for the conversion of sailing equipment (for example tugs). New Electric Automotive often contributes to a bit of R&D, for example when it comes to hybrid drive.