Make it Electric!

You hear and read a lot about electric cars and more and more about fully electric buses and trucks, but there is more! What do you think of all tools and machines that run on petrol or diesel, but could just as well work clean and quietly electrically? There are hardly any solutions available for this.

Depending on the application, the number of operating hours per day is limited or very long. Specific expectations are also set for implements in terms of power. A lot of torque or a high speed occurs regularly and an electric drive is well suited for that.

For example, are you a contractor in construction or landscaping? Then a green fleet can make the difference in a tender, and even more so in the inner cities.

New Electric Automotive makes diesels idle and gives machines a new life.

From small to large!  Think for example of cranes, bobcats, diggers, vibratory plates and more. Please contact your wishes to discuss the possibilities.

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