Trucks, and in particular those with a special or custom build, usually have a long technical and economic life. Quiet trucks without local emissions are particularly desirable for inner-city work sites. However, it will be years before a wide range is available for this, especially for trucks with special functions. Think of garbage trucks, aerial platforms, cleaning trucks, etc. Apart from availability, the fact that these cars are not yet economically depreciated is an important aspect. Conversion of existing vehicles to fully electric is therefore very obvious for these special commercial vehicles.

Unique 2-engine concept
New Electric Automotive offers a unique two-engine concept for trucks. This can be used for trucks with 150 to 300 HP and offers a torque of 700 Nm continuous and 1400 Nm peak. The gearbox is retained in order to influence the available torque and consumption. For higher powers above 300 HP, we offer other solutions with direct drive.

Electric, one step ahead
Especially in the city, electric transport offers a solution. Stock up on a shop in the quiet early morning almost silently? Towing an incorrectly parked car, but without a roaring diesel engine? Stopping and starting often, but not having to turn the diesel engine off and on or even let it run? A fully electric drive makes the difference. And not only in day-to-day practice, it can also be a distinguishing factor, advantage or even requirement in, for example, a tender.

What we offer
You can contact us for the conversion of your own existing truck (s). This can be an individual conversion, but also a series. Please contact us to discuss further options. In addition, Kleyn Trucks offers ready-made used trucks already converted by us into fully electrically powered trucks.